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​私たちCrafting Japanはこれを機に、


An event introducing the culture of Japan to the world

This year’s theme is


“Today marks the beginning of a new Japanese culture”

As the world is making its change through the pandemic, we at Crafting Japan will take this opportunity to reintroduce Japanese culture in a way never seen before.


CROSSOVER 2021 Stage

At Atago Jinja

Atago Jinja, located in the heart of Tokyo, is a shrine rich in greenery and has a serene yet mystical atmosphere. Acting as the oasis ​​of the city, it enshrines the God of fire prevention, who has been protecting the city since the Edo period. Here, performance “CROSSOVER 2021 Stage” took place, dedicated to the God in hopes for an early end to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. 

Too many people have passed away due to the disease, leaving many more hurt and exhausted. With “INORI -Prayer-” as the main theme of the performance, it is a message of healing and hope towards the world, praying that the ones in despair find peace within and strength to overcome.

The performance combines four aspects of Japanese culture; “KO -Drums-”, “MAI -Dance-”, “HANA -Flower arrangement-” and “OTO -Sound-”. Each is represented by one of Japan’s leading artists in that field, with“KO -Drums-” represented by Japanese Drum player Taishi Yamabe, who is said to be a talent found once in fifty years. Dancer ATSUSHI, who represents “MAI -Dance-”, is a genre of his own, expressing ‘prayers’ and ‘life’ through his dynamic moves, while “HANA -Flower arrangement-” is represented by florist Ryota Hagiwara, who is known for bringing Japanese flowers to life in a new way through his energetic live performances. Representing “OTO -Sound-” is music producer Sakura Tsuruta, who graduated at the top of her class from Berklee College of Music in Music Therapy and Electronic Production and Design.


KO -Drums-

“A talent found once in fifty years”

Collaborating with artists from different genres, Japanese Drum player Taishi Yamabe, said to be a talent only found once in fifty years, makes a performance just for this stage.

Dancing for ‘prayers’ and ‘life’

Dancer ATSUSHI is a genre of his own; using every inch of his body, he brings together a new form of expression in collaboration with the other genres.

MAI -Dance-

HANA -Flower arrangement-

The theme is ‘Neo japanese’

Through his lively and dynamic performance, florist RYOTA brings Japanese flowers to life in a new sense of way.

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Having no boundaries in her music, Sakura Tsuruta adds a futuristic touch to the special collaboration to create a new Japanese culture at this historic place.

OTO - Sound-



Short version is below

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Global release date: November 12th 9pm JST


Our mission at Crafting Japan is to support the growth of Japanese art culture, and to do so we will continue fusing various arts of Japan through special collaborations and introduce it to the world. Please help us make this happen by donating to us. Any amount is welcome; your donations will be used towards this year’s performance and future ones, and will support and lead to the growth of Japanese cultures.

We are accepting donations through PayPal. To donate please click the button below. Thank you for your support!


Cooperated by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minato City


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For questions or information regarding future events, please contact us using the contact form below.

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About Crafting Japan

Setting our concept as “next value up”, we bring together the craftsmanship, food and tourism from all around Japan and recreate its values in a whole new way, to pass on the various craftsmanship that make up the culture of Japan to the future. Our members reside in different areas of Japan, each connecting the craftsmanship rooted in that area with other cities in Japan and overseas to support the growth of Japan and its cultures.



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