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Introduction of the exhibition theme for Crafting Japan's participation in London Craft Week.


" Journey into the background of handicrafts"

Crafting Japan will once again be participating in the London Craft Week, which is held in London every May. In order to pass on Japan's manufacturing culture to the next generation, we are holding an event titled 'A Journey through the History of Japanese Handicrafts', which will give visitors an opportunity to actually handle Japanese craftworks and to experience their charm through demonstrations and workshops.

Carefully selected crafts from all over Japan, including Ishikawa, Osaka, Niigata, and Tokyo will be on display, introducing their diverse techniques and aesthetic sense, as well as explaining the production processes and the history of the crafts, providing an insight into their rich background. Visitors will be able to get a sense of the breadth and variety of Japanese traditional crafts.


At the venue we will also be introducing 'Wajima-lacquered chopsticks' which will be sold on ANA flights this autumn as a collaboration project with Crafting Japan. This project was launched to support the lacquering technique involved in high-quality lacquerware from Wajima, which was severely damaged by the Noto Earthquake, and we hope that many people will support it through ANA.

Opening hours

Monday   - 13 May 10:00-16:00

Tuesday   -  14 May 10:00-18:00 (Party 18:00-20:00)

Wednesday - 15 May 10:00-11:00

Location of the event

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square

22 Portman Square, London W1H 7BG United Kingdom


 Craft x Touching

Exhibits that incorporate scenarios where visitors can touch and use the actual products.

Demonstrations and hand-outs are always available to visitors.

Craft x Processes

Exhibitions showing the production process, the manufacturing process of raw materials and other processes by which things are made.

 Craft x History 

Presentation of content that unravels the history and explains the core want-to-know aspects.

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